A Letter From the Desk of Our 25th President

I encourage each of you to aid NAREB Memphis Realtist to:

  • Restore the faith in each other and the organization by following the established Constitution and Bylaws, embarking collective efforts, and ensuring timely payment of dues and donations to the bottom-line budget.

  • Rebuild the Membership to meet and exceed previously established goals of 300 Members and expand our efforts to build the businesses of our Members as a means of "Value Added Membership."

  • Renew our commitment to the organization, one another, and ourselves to hold true to the mission of the organization - Democracy in Housing by renewing the Urban Core Neighborhoods through redevelopment ideas.

I believe in you and what can be done with unified efforts that encourage the diversity, equity and inclusion needed to make NAREB Memphis Realtist a self-sufficient, self-reliant entity and less depended upon the financial resources of others.  In doing so, it is the hope that future leadership will continue to build upon the five (5) year Strategic Plan developed with my Preliminary Advisory Council, which will be soon unveiled with two of the major items. 1) Establish an Endowment and 2) Secure a Headquarters for NAREB Memphis Realtist. None of which will happen without the membership, commitment to action, and public donations.

Therefore, it is my hope that you will continue your support and complete the 2022 Membership Application Form. I look forward to working alongside you as the 25th President of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Memphis Chapter.

Please let me know how we can be of assistance to you. I can be reached directly at 901-502-4402 or president@nareb-memphis.com


Wonda McGowan, 25th President