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NAREB, Memphis Chapter was founded August 28 1969. The Charter members were: William Adkins, Edward Davis, Victoria Lucas, Ardie Jones, Rev. Lewis Harris, Samuel Peace, Lawrence A. Wesley, Jesse Williams. Other members joined that year were Walter Bailey, Robert Baird, John Bolden, Floyd Bowie, Myrtle Fisher, Oris McKinney, Charles Nichols, Melvin Shegog, and Dan Suggs.


Under the leadership of our 3rd Memphis Chapter President Rev. Philip Smaw, the Memphis Chapter was granted a charter by the State of Tennessee on November 5, 1973. The Memphis Chapter gained national prominence in 1973 when it captured its first honor and was awarded a trophy for having the largest

one year percentage increase (300%) in membership in the National history.


In 1976, Realtist Azzie Harris was awarded the Bicentennial Award. She also served as Regional Vice President from 1978 to 1982. In 1979, members Ural Jones and Azzie Harris were elected to the National Realtist Board of Directors and National Treasurer.

In the 1980's President A.W. Willis, Jr. spent numerous hours introducing and lobbying for affordable housing legislation on the national and state levels. The Memphis Chapter hosted its first National Board of Directors meeting in Memphis during his Presidency. It is his loyalty and steadfastness that epitomizes the spirit of the annual A.W. Willis, Jr. award recipient that is given annually at the awards banquet. A. W. Willis, Jr. wrote the Home Revolving Loan Program used extensively in USA to assist low to moderate income families. NAREB Memphis Chapter was truly fortunate to have had such a dedicated President as A.W. Willis, Jr.


The chapter continues it close affiliation with the National Association. Cheryl Buckner Johnson is the current Regional V.P. (Region VII). Past Regional Vice Presidents include: Latonia Martin, Sherita McCray, Matthew Harrell, Thomas Byrd, Anthony Willoughby, Ken Tate, Dr. Reginald Peyton, Barbara Conway, and Futrell Redditt. Past National Officers include: Kenneth Tate, Carol Tate, Oliver A. Peyton, Sr., R. Darnell Tate, Rev. Lee Harris, Rev. Philip Smaw and Rasheedah Jones, who is the National Treasurer. To date, she is the highest ranking officer sitting in Region VII at this time.


Under President Sherita McCray's leadership, NAREB-Memphis installed its first Women Council NAREB Memphis on February 1, 2018. Ceremony includes National officers Sharon Middlebrooks, President and Chandra Ware, First Vice President. Charter members installed Demetris Graham, Ludora Cooper, Evelyn Irby, Alice Payne, Frances Anderson, Ravonda Griffin, Wonda McGowan, Cheryl Muhammad, Rebecca Taylor, Nedra Redditt, Lisa Thomas, and Petra Walker.


The local chapter continues to be a driving force and committed advocate to creating change and improvement that readily affects the consumer and promotes 'Democracy in Housing'. Members of the Memphis Chapter continue to serve in positions at both the local and regional levels.

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